Party Favor featuring KingJet - Dreams

09 Apr

"Christian Dior for the girl"

Music has always been a collaborative effort amongst creatives. Ever since the beginning of time many artists, writers, and producers have come together to create incredible music we have all enjoyed that has become legendary. The latest collaborative effort that will leave you in awe comes from the super producer Party Favor and the incredible KingJet on the new song "Dreams"

Party Favor laces up an incredible production for "Dreams"  that has a superstar level big sound that sounds like it's meant to wreck festivals and arenas all over. The work It has a sound beyond it's time with the perfect 808's and synth pads that KingJet shines on with his perfect delivery of melodic fly lyrics that make this collaboration a match made in heaven.

Party Favor featuring KingJet "Dreams" is an undeniable smash that the world should and will hear all over. It's not only a big record but a record with true musicianship. From the brilliant production, incredible songwriting, and masterful delivery that puts this jam in a class of it own.

Check out Party Favor featuring KingJet "Dreams" below and also follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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