Nicky Romero & Florian Picasso - Midnight Sun

15 May

We get a lot of music here at Global Money World and with all of the music we get, we hardly ever post instrumentals unless it's an absolute game changer.The special circumstance is Nicky Romero & Florian Princess with their new song "Midnight Sun".

Nicky Romero & Florian Picasso create an uplifting and progressive House Anthem with their new work titled "Midnight Sun". This song can be a musical pep talk/pump up jam for the world to hear. It's truly a unique special piece of work that makes you feel good in the spirit from beginning to end, that makes this a jam for everyone to enjoy.

Nicky Romero & Florian Picasso's "Midnight Sun" is a smash of a production that can be the soundtrack for any dreamer's life. The vision and feeling the beat evokes is everything that makes people fall in love with music. The inspirational feeling of it makes it a real experience you don't want to miss.

Check out Nicky Romero & Florian Picasso "Midnight Sun" below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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