12 Apr

"rap n**gas so soft, so strange'!"

For every hit there's a always a killer remix to really take that song to the next level. Remixes are always the action packed sequel to big records and that is definitely the case for the producer NGHTMRE and rapper A$AP Ferg who together for the new track "REDLIGHT (VIP)".

NGHTMRE gets right back in his bag to deliver an exhilarating remix that puts big lights in every bounce and melody, of this track with the perfect fuse of electro and hip hop that A$AP Ferg's rhymes still fit over perfectly, with his braggadocios approach that was meant to be on this track. Ferg raps masterfully on "REDLIGHT (VIP)" with his flow being packed with flavor and his lyrics bringing excitement at every turn that makes the track perfect.

NGHTMRE and A$AP Ferg "REDLIGHT (VIP)" is the perfect follow up to an amazing record for music lovers everywhere to enjoy. It's everything you can hope to hear and more when you press play on a track from, amazing production with an infinite amount of bounce to and an incredible rap performance that makes this track have unlimited replay value.

Check out NGHTMRE and A$AP Ferg new track "REDLIGHT (VIP)" below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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