08 Apr

"You only need to lift off"

We've made it to another week, which means we made it to another Monday of hearing amazing music. Mondays are already known as the day we make it a point to post the best music out there, and we say with supreme confidence KLANGPLANET has some of the best music out there with his new song "Voyage". 

KLANGPLANET crafts together a record that makes you leave earth on his new song "Voyage". The groove is infectious as the drums keep you moving all while, the synth pads paint a dreamy picture for you to admire and dream to.

KLANGPLANET's "Voyage" is that music you can not only dance to but also a great musical body of work that you can throw your headphones on and get lost in the musical journey this work of art takes you on. It's pure EDM at it's finest with the only work the listener has to do is press play, while the music takes care of the rest.

Check out KLANGPLAENT "Voyage" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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