Kayden McCarthy - Amsterdam

03 May

"I should let you demonstrate"

Happy Friday!!! We've made it through another week and you already know Fridays are all about excellence and there's no way we can truly stand by that without posting this absolute phenomenal record, from Kayden McCarthy called "Amsterdam".

Kayden McCarthy creates a superstar sound that is truly mesmerizing with his new song "Amsterdam". This talented artist doesn't give you a chance to decide if you like it or not, with this record that instantly grabs you and takes you on a journey of musical bliss, you never knew you needed but everything you could possibly ask for more. The production is stellar as well as the vocal performance, with great songwriting that knocks it out the park.

Kayden McCarthy's "Amsterdam" is one of the best songs we've heard in a long time. The level of musicianship is undeniable and can only be admired and appreciated from critics and fans alike.

Check out Kayden McCarthy "Amsterdam" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!




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