Gino Manzotti & Maxx - Arabian Story

15 May

"I'm missing the way you look at me"

Music has always been a collaborative effort amongst creatives. Ever since the beginning of time many artists, writers, and producers have come together to create incredible music we have all enjoyed that has become legendary. The latest collaborative effort that will leave you in awe comes from the incredible Gino Manzotti & Maxx on their new song "Arabian Story".

Gino Manzotti & Maxx come together to create a jam that can't be denied on their new smash "Arabian Story". The groove is infectious as the drums keep you moving all while, the synth pads and keys accompanied by some vocals that make this a global sound that will be heard around the world.

Gino Manzotti & Maxx's "Arabian Story" is that music you can not only groove to but also a great musical body of work that you can throw your headphones on and enjoy the musical journey this work of art takes you on. It's pure EDM at it's finest with the only work the listener has to do is press play, and dance while the music takes care of the rest.

Check out Gino Manzotti & Maxx "Arabian Story" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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