DallasK & Nicky Romero featuring XYLO - Sometimes

02 Apr

"Sometimes, I know you think about me when you're with someone"

With so much music out there and music being very subjective, it all hits us differently. Some music is a slow burn and some music instantly grabs you, and you feel you've a smash. DallasK and Nicky Romero give you an undeniable smash with their new song "Sometimes" featuring XYLO.

DallasK and Nicky Romero create a body of work that is truly phenomenal with their new song "Sometimes". Giving you just a superb display of musicianship that you can admire. Their sound is digestible for the masses and sounds like the soundtrack of stars, with the great songwriting that is delivered by XYLO's amazing vocal performance, over an incredible production that puts this record in another stratosphere of musical genius.

DallasK and Nicky Romero featuring XYLO "Sometimes" is a must listen from beginning to end. It's the perfect record to display everyone's musical brilliance, with them crafting together a song that will make the world move. The production is brilliant, the lyrics are just right, and the vocal performance brings everything full circle to make this song amazing.

Check out Dallas K and Nicky Romero featuring XYLO "Sometimes" below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!





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