Caroline Kole - Always Almost

26 Apr

"I think I'm done with losing my mind"

Happy Friday! What a blessing to make it another week and since it's Friday, you already know you can expect nothing short of a smash you need to start your weekend off right. That smash you need to hear is coming from none other than the amazing Caroline Kole with her new song "Always Almost"

Caroline Kole is a talent that defies the subjectivity of music. Caroline Kole's voice is the perfect balance of elegance and charisma, as she commands your attention on her new song "Always Almost".  Her lyrics are appealing and ultra relatable, as they grab you in and make you feel every word, while she puts on a master class of great artistry.

Caroline Kole's "Always Almost" is truly something special as this shooting star is shining bright all over this amazing production. Caroline is on point and excels in every facet of music from incredible vocals, amazing lyrics, and all over the right sounds to craft a masterpiece.

Check out Caroline Kole "Always Almost" below and follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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