ANNICA - Tell Me How

19 Apr

"Tell me how to get you back"

Happy Friday! The weekend is here and we are blessed again to start another weekend. Here at Global Media EDM, we try to give you the best music we can to help kick start your weekend. This is only possible with music from amazing artists and an amazing artist that is making this possible today is, Swedish DJ and producer  ANNICA with her new song "Tell Me How".

ANNICA has talent that can't be denied with her new song "Tell Me How". The record sounds like an instant smash with, ANNICA's production skills being on full display for the world to enjoy. ANNICA enlists Kristian for a feature to deliver to the vocals which he knocks out the park, with a vocal performance that the masses can feel with every note, while delivering incredible lyrics over this amazing production.

ANNICA's "Tell Me How" is an outstanding body of work the world should hear. The record is truly a smash with unlimited mass appeal, that you will hear coming out of speakers worldwide. The vocals are perfect, the lyrics are amazing, and it's all over a brilliant production that makes this a must hear.

Check out ANNICA "Tell Me How" below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends! 

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