Yury talks his background, influences,and his new song "have to."

16 May

Yury is a ultral- talented artist/ producer that was first introduced to us on the Global Money World with his smash "Spend". The song packed nothing but excitement and with his latest release "have to."we had to know the man behind the music. Yury was gracious enough to take the time to answer a few questions for us. Below is the interview.

Who is Yury the artist?

Some dude who producers writes records mixes and masters his own music and sound

Who are some of your influences? what do you take from them and apply to your music?

I listen to a lot of electronic music and I just get inspired by good sound design 

What was your approach when making your new song “have to.”?

Made a dope sound and ran with it 

When did you know it was time to drop your new song “have to.”?

When Spotify numbers started slowing down, lol

What’s next for Yury?

Waiting on a couple pretty dope collabs to drop and gonna keep pushing the musical boundaries  

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