Yury - have to.

15 May

"Made my own lane, I pass through"

It's a pleasure to bring you new music with every post and even more pleasure to bring you new music from the ultra talented Yury. Yury has previously been on Global Money World with his songs "Spend" and "Spite". He's back with his new song "have to." giving some of his best to date.

Yury is a master of putting all of his talents on full display and they're on full bloom on "have to.". Yury gives some of his best rapping to date, with the production being hard and exhilarating, as you can feel the hunger and desire to snap all over this track before he opens his mouth. As soon as he speaks he rips into this track spitting flames with his flow being infectious and his lyrics hitting hard at every line.

Yury's "have to." is everything you can have from music with it having everything one could love from amazing production, on point lyrics, and a flow that brings it all home. The World is Yury's on this new track.

Check out Yury "have to." and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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