Yung Jewelz feat King Blamah - Get Some Money

05 Oct

"I'm known for snatching n**gas off the couch"

Have you ever saw a song and instantly became intrigued? That's exactly what happened with this new track from Mississippi artist Yung Jewelz on her new track "Get Some Money". As soon as I seen she was from Mississippi I was intrigued and instantly thought about my family in Hazelhurst. With nothing else to do but press play it was everything I hoped it would be and more.

Yung Jewelz steps gets in her pocket instantly over this production that takes me back to the Dipset days but the video her swagger and video is so dirty south. Yung Jewelz puts on an amazing display of confidence and swagger on the mic like a true emcee projecting her raw energy into the song while lyrically packing a punch with lines like "Smooth Criminal top n**ga the general, The one they call Yung and you know the love is plentiful".

Yung Jewelz feature King Blamah is no slouch his self as he has one of the best rap voices I've heard in a while with his own special flow and braggadocious lyrics like "Tell them n**gas in the building get ready for demolition".

Check out Yung Jewelz feat King Blamah "Get Some Money" below and also follow her on twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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