Young TY - No Love

03 Dec

"See me live in the flesh, she don't know what to say now"

Hip Hop is long gone from it's underground days and has become it's own universal language. Anywhere in the world you can catch someone speaking the language of rhyme with their own special flair to it. Especially over in the U.K. where a string of new artists are making noise including young rising emcee Young TY with his new song "No Love".

Young TY is a 17 year old rapper who has the skills of a vet in the game on "No Love". TY's confidence and charisma on the mic helps him shine perfectly, as he maneuvers through this track with ease with his swagger being on full bloom on this record, that is a nice modern day flip of the TLC song "No Scrubs".

Young TY's "No Love" is an amazing display of all of his talents as an emcee from his lyrics, masterful flow, and great delivery. Young TY gives you all that you could want from a rapper and more.

Check out Young TY "No Love" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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