16 Dec

"Making some sweet love"

The journey of where a song can takes you can determine how much replay value it has with you. Some records just take you to a place you never knew it existed and a place you never knew you needed to be. That's exactly what incredible talent YAMUSETRO does with his new song "Sweet Love".

YAMUSETRO has a sound that so familiar, yet so innovative on his new song "Sweet Love". The song sounds like the perfect combination of Michael Jackson's "Butterflies" and Prince "The Beautiful Ones" to make the perfect song. The production is creative and abstract, the vocals are smooth, and the voice has that energy you can feel that instantly grabs you from the first note.

YAMUSETRO's "Sweet Love" is that feel good music that allows a listener to dream and get lost in their thoughts, as the music guides you to musical bliss. YAMUSETRO is truly genius in his approach as he gives a stellar performance on a brilliant song.

Check out YAMUSETRO "Sweet Love" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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