Y & Elio - Nasty

13 Oct

"In the heat of moment, we both bout to blow up"

When hip hop first started it was all about crews and groups teaming up to craft the perfect rhyme. Matching up against any competitors trading off rhyme patterns  to prove themselves in the game of Hip Hop. Collaboration is still going in this game with our old favorites are still teaming up to spit flames and even our new favorites including Y & Elio on their new song "Nasty".

Y & Elio team up on "Nasty" to drop a track that follows in tradition to great hip hop records we expect from artist coming from the mecca of hip hop New York. Elio kicks it off with his superb flow and witty lyrics that set the tone for the record with a sound that is so New York you can hear the subway in the background.

Y takes over next and with the stage set he rises and comes with a mean flow that instantly grabs your attention. Y also has hard lyrics I love like "I want all of my sights, that's as far as I go". Steel sharpens steel on this track with both artists holding their own on this masterpiece.

Check out Y & Elio's new track "Nasty" now and also follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!




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