Wyatt James - Drift Away

08 Mar

"The days you drift away, there's no way I won't be missing you"

Happy Friday!!! We've made it out another week and we've made it another day to enjoy some more Hip Hop. You can already expect excellence on this great day of content and what's Hip Hop excellence more than Global Money World regular Wyatt James with his new song "Drift Away".

With all of the classics Wyatt James has provided, it would take a whole post to list off all of the incredible releases he has shared with us. His consistent and relentless approach has paid off major dividends, with his music getting better every release and his fan base growing at an incredible rate every day. Wyatt's latest release "Drift Away" encompasses everything that we love about his music.

Wyatt James is truly a master of his craft and you can hear it in his music. Most emcees just lay vocals on the beat, where Wyatt actually uses his vocals like a musician on a track, providing melodic tones and creating emotion with it, with the same mastery of a Jazz great with their respective instrument. The lyrics stay authentic and sharp, while switching between his rap flow filled with confidence to the chorus that you feel in the soul.

Wyatt James "Drift Away" is another impressive track to add to this ever growing amazing catalog for this talented artist. It's everything established fans expect and love while also being something new fans can admire all the same.

Check out Wyatt James "Drift Away" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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