Wyatt James - Cloud 9

28 Jan

"You can meet me on Cloud 9"

Happy Monday! It's the start of another great week and another great start to some new music. It almost seems fitting that we should start calling Mondays here "Wyatt James Mondays",  with Wyatt James delivering incredible music consistently on the day we start things off right, since his debut here with "I'm With You". Wyatt is always on point and his new song "Cloud 9" is another trophy in the case.

Wyatt James continues to show growth in every aspect of his craft from his pen, delivery, and production and its ever so apparent on his new song "Cloud 9". Wyathas always been gold with his hooks that are always on the money and on this record his songwriting shines over this self produced track, with so many layers to love and get lost in with a vibe that takes you to another world.

Wyatt James "Cloud 9" will be your new favorite song as soon as you hit play. If this is your first time hearing him, it's the perfect introduction and if you've been a fan like I have, you'll not only love it for how amazing it is but also for the continual growth that shows his unlimited ceiling to his talents. 

Check out Wyatt James "Cloud 9" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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