Wyatt James- Around the Clock

15 Apr

"Sun up to sun down, know I'll be around"

Happy Monday!!! It's another great start to what we are sure to be another great week for us all. Mondays have and will always be about bringing the best of the best and an artist that has always made this possible with his music is Wyatt James. Since his debut on Global Money World under the name "MadebyDubs" with his song "I'm With You", Wyatt has given consistent bangers, while also showing growth with every release. The latest release from this talented artist "Around the Clock" is some of his best work to date.

Wyatt James is talented in ever facet of music, but his emceeing shines the most on "Around the Clock". Wyatt displays top notch emceeing as his flow gets more polished and charismatic, with every release especially on this track as you can hear the hunger and confidence in his flow, while also being lyrically intact, and still giving an incredible chorus that his songs are known for. 

Wyatt James "Around the Clock" is the perfect track to show the continual growth and greatness of this talented artist. Wyatt has really been gold with his emceeing for 2019, with every release being better than it's predecessor. The flow is packed with the ultimate conviction to deliver his bars, the songwriting shines, and it's all over a soulful production that makes this another classic in his catalog.

Check out Wyatt James "Around the Clock" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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