Winnie Churchill feat Heather Goosney - Four Courses

15 Oct

"It's like Toronto in me,  Them people that you see me with it's like Toronto with me"

The world has been taking notice to Toronto ever since Drake's "So Far Gone" took off back in 2009. Since that time Toronto has been making more noise with it's own stream of artist coming out and making a name for themselves. The noise being made from Toronto artist is getting louder and an artist you should keep an ear out for is Winnie Churchill with his new song "Four Courses" featuring Heather Goosney.

Winnie Churchill sets an intimate with with a smooth production and Winnie flowing perfectly over the 808's and angelic harmonies from Heather Goosney. Winnie Churchill raps in a style that is reminiscent of Lil Wayne on the Diddy/ Dirty Money collaboration "Shades" with his free flowing cadence and creative metaphors.

Winnie Churchill's "Four Courses" displays top notch rapping with a perfect blend of creative and heartfelt lyrics with lines like "No lesson for culture if we oppressed" he expresses with conviction and high level articulation through out the song.

Check out Winnie Churchill's "Four Courses" featuring Heather Goosney below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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