Will Tesla featuring Mickey Factz, and Born - Celebrate

04 Nov

"Roll the dice, betting on myself to control the life"

It's said that the greatest ideas come from collaborative efforts. Minds coming together for the common goal of making something as great as it can be. That can't be more true than the new work from the multi - talented Will Tesla featuring the legendary Mickey Factz and battle rapper Born on the new track "Celebrate".

Will Tesla's new song is truly a celebration with all three emcees giving you a hip hop masterpiece from beginning to end. Will Tesla starts off "Celebrate" with the hook before he really gets it in lyrically with a masterful flow and slick lyrics like the double entendre "I then seen strangers things at age eleven, so i'm careful where I'm stepping and grateful for every blessing" that sets the tone brilliantly for a great body of work.

Mickey Factz gives you everything that you expect from the legendary emcee letting his presence be known with his slow confident flow as he spits from an OG perspective while giving you hard lines like "thinking it's beef how it panned out, that's pot roast" that really make this verse a winner.

Born closes out the show and shows his range as not only being a very talented battle rapper but also an amazing lyricist across the board showing his gold standard skill set with a hungry flow that grabs you in while he gives you lines like "All gems but the war still infinity" for this incredible finale.

Check out Will Tesla featuring Mickey Factz and Born "Celebrate" below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!





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