vnp - DFWM Freestyle

23 Dec

"Malaysia's my home, but I'm on the road chasing Kendrick and Cole"

When making music you should make a statement. You should make music that connects with people in a way that makes them stop what they're doing and take notice to the talent that is being displayed. That should be the goal in my personal opinion and Malaysia's own vnp does that and more with his new song "DFWM Freestyle".

vnp shows plenty of flex on "DFWM Freestyle" as he floats all over this ambient hard production that he grabs by the horns and makes his own. The flow is infectious as he rides the beat and flips it between a melodic cadence, and a hard flow that cuts through the beat perfectly. 

vnp's "DFWM Freestyle" is an amazing display of hip hop that the world should hear. The lyrics are on point and delivered masterfully with a flow that can't be denied. vnp has a style that sounds like a star in the making as he rocks the track with plenty of charisma and conviction, that keep you engaged from beginning to end.

Check out vnp "DFWM Freestyle" and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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