Vector Tha Viper - Vector Sef

12 Apr

"Sesame style, your streets is comedy"

Happy Friday! What a blessing to make it another week and since it's Friday, you already know you can expect nothing short of that fire you need to start your excellence. That fire you need to hear is coming from none other than the amazing Vector Tha Viper with his new song "Vector Sef"

Vector Tha Viper comes with a fire track with his new song called "Vector Sef" that if I had to describe in one word it would be "Sick". I mean a track that makes your face scrunch up the whole time while he performs a lyrical onslaught that would keep any emcee from trying to oppose his will.

Vector Tha Viper's "Vector Sef" is master class Hip Hop at it's finest. He  understands taking over a beat instead of being overpowered by it, as he flexes through the entire production with lyrics that pack nothing but punch to make this record a knock out.  Vector's flow is on point, as well as his flow that he plays with effortlessly and switches it up at will.

Check out Vector Tha Viper "Vector Sef" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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