Van Leeuwen - Rolls

15 Nov

"You should count up on your blessings, lucky I let you post with me on IG"

Hip Hop has always been a contact sport. A game where the best of the best show their musical muscle and let you know how dope they are. Rappers are some of the best in the world at showing their bravado and Van Leeuwen is a shining example of that on his new song "Rolls".

Van Leeuwen is a man of many talents as he is an Artist, Certified Audio Engineer, and Producer. All of his talents are on full bloom as he rips into this dark trap production with plenty of swagger especially as soon as he hits the opener of the chorus "When you roll with me there ain't telling where we won't go".

Van Leeuwen's style is truly infectious as he is truly captivating on "Rolls". This track has plenty of bounce and Van Leeuwen has the right amount of floss, as his lyrics truly shine and make this song an incredible record.

Check out Van Leeuwen "Rolls" below and also follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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