UZUAZO - Mirror

27 Feb

"Momma said my soul was old, I been years beyond my age"

The great thing about having a platform is you get a lot of music. A lot of great music and a lot of duds as well. The latter always poses the question "Which artist is going to shine from the pack and save the day?". UZUAZO cape is waving as he shines and exceeds any standard one can set musically with his new track "Mirror".

UZUAZO has a commanding voice that makes his presence felt all over his new track "Mirror". UZUAZO is all business as he gives you powerful lines all through this track, with all lines being delivered by his high powered flow that you can hear the hunger in, over a hard production that he crafted for himself to snap all over.

UZUAZO's "Mirror" is an amazing display of his talents. He gives you great production, raw lyrics that make you head nod, and a commanding ambitious flow that brings excitement at every turn. UZUZAZO "Mirror" is that real hip hop the people love and the hip hop people need.

Check out UZUAZO "Mirror" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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