TxTHEWAY - Enemies

26 Dec

"F**k friends, I need family"

It's the day after Christmas and I hope everyone had a great holiday. It's a season of festive times and good vibes, that we all hope never end. We want to keep that energy going and a song that will keep you moving from today and beyond is from Broward County's TxTHEWAY with his new song "Enemies".

TxTHEWAY creates the perfect storm of relatable, conscious, and melodic lyrics with a hard upbeat production to create an amazing track with "Enemies".  The story of being aware of your enemies and fake friends is a story we've heard before but TxTHEWAY brings his own special flair to make this track standout in a major way.

TxTHEWAY's "Enemies" is an incredible track that puts all of his talents on full bloom. From the lyrics that you can feel, the melodic cadence he switches it up with that connects to the soul, and its all delivered over the right production that is match made in heaven for TxTHEWAY's style.

Check out TxTHEWAY "Enemies" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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