Truevined - Hang Time

05 Nov

"See my hang time, feeling like an airline"

Canada has come a long way from being off the map for the music scene to pretty much a powerhouse people expect great music from. If an artist states they are from Canada you are instantly engaged to see if they can deliver something good from the precedent that was set from previous artists there. Truevined is the next rising star from the scene and delivers a smash on his new song "Hang Time".

When you hear the term "Hang Time" you instantly relate it to basketball but Truevined takes it deeper and gives you deep and introspective lyrics you can feel. Truevined's spirituality is truly apart of him and you can hear it all through his lyrics as he gives the message that God is really on his side.

Truevined has a commanding presence and works his way masterfully through this production, that really takes you on a journey, with his great melodic style guiding the way for you to an amazing experience.

Check out Truevined "Hand Time" below and also follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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