Tripmanbd - Run it (Freestyle)

14 Oct

"N**gas saying that they tough as nails, but you know a n**ga keep the hammer tuck"

When I first seriously got into hip hop on my own time the thing I looked forward to the most was mixtapes. Hearing unreleased songs, verses, and freestyles made the experience amazing especially just getting to hear the rappers just really spit unfiltered was the part I most appreciated. Tripmanbd takes me back to that place with his new song "Run It (Freestyle)".

Tripmanbd's "Run It (Freestyle) is the perfect result of when you add hard production with doper rhymes as Tripmanbd floats all over the track and guides you through through this journey as he keeps your head nodding in awe the whole time.

Tripmanbd's "Run It (freestyle) is a true display of lyrical craftsmanship over this track as his verses are filled with quotables that will catch your attention from beginning to end with hard lines like "If you want problems boy I'm riding around with the 45 like I'm MJ".

Check out Tripmanbd's "Run It (Freestyle) below and also follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!


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