Trev - U and Mii and Honesty

06 Feb

"I'ma need a barrier blocking all these joystick rappers"

Happy Wednesday! It's the middle of the week and I hope everyone is holding up great. Speaking of being great, something that is always refreshing is an artist with originality. An artist who is unique, talented, gives you their all in their music. All of that is what Trev gives you on his new song "U and Mii and Honesty".

Trev shines and his talents are on full bloom on his new song "U and Mii and Honesty". The production catches you right away, if you're familiar with Super Mario and Trev beats the game in superb fashion with his witty lyrics, undeniable charisma on the mic, and his flow that carries this stand out track to it's rightful destination.

Trev's "U, Mii, and Honesty" is that feel good music that brings color to the dullest canvases. His talent is undeniable across the board from the flow that's filled with personality, the creative lyrics, and the perfect beat that compliments his style, that makes for incredible audio that is must hear.

Check out Trev "U and Mii and Honesty" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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