Trenton, New Jersey hip hop artist Benjamin Scott takes us into his exciting style and "DONNDVRKO"

14 Nov

22 year old hip hop artist Benjamin Scott was first introduced to us on the Global Media Blog with his smash "DONNDVRKO". The song packed nothing but excitement and intrigued us to want to know the man behind the music. Benjamin Scott was gracious enough to take the time to answer a few questions for us. Below is the interview.

Who is Benjamin Scott the artist?

a 22 year old kid from Trenton, NJ

What is the biggest difference between you the artist and you the person?

I don’t really see much of a difference between the two to be honest. Me as an artist is basically me as a person. I’m a risk taker, I live my life too it’s fullest potential. I try to take advantage of moments while I have them - I am me. 

When did you know that you wanted to become an artist?

I was about 13 when i knew I wanted to become an artist. I did a show in my city at this Polish club and the reaction I got from people was really dope. Girls were into me. I just thought to myself “I could do this for the rest of my life ya know?”

What are some of the influences for your style?

My city (Trenton) for sure is a major influence on my style. If you’ve ever been it’s very dark - it has a certain tone to it (especially at night). I guess that’s why I like a lot of the dark stuff. My life experiences also help to influence my style. Certain artists such as Pusha T, Kanye, Jay-Z, and Kid Cudi also play a part just to name a few. 

What was your mindset when making DONNDVRKO?

I honestly just kinda did it, not too much thought went into it. When I heard the beat it sounded like chaos so I figured I’d make something to go crazy to at a show or a party. I really wanted to bring energy. 

What is the best part about giving “DONNDVRKO” to the people?

The visual for sure. Had a blast shooting it (@shotbynaf thank you again bro it’s always an honor when we work) DONNDVRKO is just the beginning of the campaign, more content is on the way. 

What’s can people expect next from Benjamin Scott?

Following up with DONNDVRKO I’m releasing a project titled ‘DVRKO’ I’m well into it and should be done at the tail end of the year. The goal is to be timeless.

Check out Benjamin Scott "DONNDVRKO" below and also follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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