Tre Butler - 96 Benz

06 Oct

"I want a benz right now, I dont need amends right now"

Good music is can come from anywhere and its truly a gift to receive. I was fortunate enough to receive the gift of the perfect blend of gold standard hip hop with a touch of the old school but with a modern soul sound. That gift came from Florida's own Tre Butler.

Tre Butler manhandles the track "96 Benz" as he shines bright on this song and video in with his pure rap skills and masterful delivery. Tre really has mastered using his voice as an instrument and you can tell by his style he's a true student of the culture.

Tre Butler shows complete control and confidence in a style most people cannot by finding the right balance of great lyricism but still being engaging enough for anyone to enjoy. Tre has some slick wordplay in there like "moving up the list like Dean's, principle still aint changed". Tre raps all over the track with a style that's reminiscent of when we first heard J Cole trying to put the Ville on  the map.

Check out Tre Butler's video "96 Benz" below and also follow him on twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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