Trap Toni & Mates - Toomuchtrap - EP (Album Review)

15 Oct

"Tell that b**ch I'm with gang!"

Trap Toni and MATES originally debuted with their instant banger "Revenge" off their "Toomuchtrap" EP that was due to release soon. With anticipation and expectations high Trap Toni and MATES deliver a masterpiece. With four songs to work with they make sure every track is perfectly and makes sense in its placement. 

Fly Away: Trap Toni and MATES use this track to set the tone of their EP and it first perfectly. As soon as the beat drops they instantly take control with their infamous swagger as this track is the musical representation of Dwayne Wade throwing the alley oop to Lebron James. Surely my favorite song on the project.

Revenge: The lead single for the project and rightfully so as "Trap Toni and MATES" let's it be known that any opposition to the movement doesn't want problems with this duo who can not only rock the mic but make great records over this infectious beat.

Treatment: This track Trap Toni and MATES show their versatility as they can not only make high energy bangers but records that are as smooth as wine. This track has the slick witty lines I love them for like "I told my little baby I'm not leaving, I'm not playing for Cleveland".

You: Toni Trap and MATES choose this song as the finale for this stellar project as they flex their way to the finish line on "You". Their flows are on point and really show their range vocally on the chorus as they show how talented of artist they really are.

Trap Toni and MATES "Toomuchtrap" is exciting and electrifying as the pair come together to make a trap masterpiece with their own style to make you remember why you're a fan and love their music.

Check out Trap Toni and MATES "Toomuchtrap" below and follow them on Twitter and Instagram. Stay Global my Friends! 

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