T.R.3 - We Don't Do Those Drugs

19 Oct

F**k a Porsche, I just want a new porch"

We've come a long way from Tuesday's being the day for releases with Friday being the day to be excited for new music. I try to stay on course with that and bring you the best music I can find on this day of the week. T.R.3's new song "We Don't Do Those Drugs" is easily some of the best music you will hear.

T.R.3 has his own special style that is on full display on "We Don't Do Those Drugs" as it's instantly engaging and exciting as he gives you high energy that grabs you in. T.R.3 lyrics are creative and thoughtful with lines like "No drugs can take my crown, I picked up better habits when I finally put it down" as he gives a message that this drug culture present day is not the move but keeps the track fun at the same time.

T.R.3's "We Don't Do Those Drugs" is brilliant in it's approach as it masters the art of being entertaining while also giving you a powerful message. T.R.3 has a sound that will make you a fan instantly that will get him very far in this game.

Check out T.R.3 "We Don't Do Those Drugs" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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