Top Five Artists to Look Out For in 2019 Winner V: Justin Christopher

22 Dec

"A stomach that's hungry for a fight, more than worthy to live" 

When picking the winners of the Global Media Blog’s Top Five Artists to Look Forward to in 2019, I wanted to make sure there was some variety and no other artist gives variety like Justin Christopher.

Justin Christopher has a style that is completely his own and has so many great layers to it. Justin’s music sounds like Prince and Andre 3000 coming together to create a perfect artist. Justin Christopher truly shows how creative music can be since his first appearance on the Global Media Blog with “Ufo’s and the Rainbow Children”.

Justin has blessed us with great and innovative music with every drop including “Cherry Baby” and his latest release “Relax or Rehab”. Justin Christopher is sure to make a big impact come 2019 and beyond with a style no one can deny.

Congratulations to a Global Media Blog’s Top Five Artists to Look Forward to in 2019 award recipient Justin Christopher!!!

Check out Justin Christopher's "Relax or Rehab" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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