TONI - Problem

18 Oct

"Cause I don't understand what's on my mind, feeling gets too real I just decline"

A lot of talented female artist are emerging and making their presence know on the music scene. Exciting times we are in for any true music lover. Nothing more exciting than the new song from London Town's own TONI who if Cardi B is the "Trap Selena" than she is the "Trap Sade".

TONI delivers a smash on this trap influenced production with great synths adding to the sound of TONI's special sultry voice. The production is hard but TONI's voice is so smooth as she kicks her hard lyrics that can stand against the best music that's out currently.

TONI gives you everything on her song "Problem" from raw lyrics, great vocal performance, and a swagger filled flow that makes this track a winner. TONI also accompanies the song with a video where you really get to see the star she is and buy into the artist known as TONI.

Check out TONI "Problem" video below and follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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