Token - Mom Would Agree

04 Nov

"Mom don't want me to swear but I swear these swears will make you rich"

Music especially hip hop can be a lot of different things. It can really be something beautiful and then it can be something just so crazy and fire it stops the whole world and burns everything that's in its way. That's exactly how I feel about the new track from Token on his new song "Mom Would Agree" that is some of the best hip hop I've heard in a while.

Token is a true hip hop to the core and is high caliber emceeing at it's finest. Token rips through the production on this track "Mom Would Agree" with each line being said with conviction and haves you on the edge of your seat seeing what he will say next. 

Token has some of the rawest lyrics you will hear on wax right now with lines like "life is giving me road head and I'm trippin on tour" that have you raising your eyebrows every time he speaks.

Token's "Mom Would Agree" is brilliant and daring in it's articulation as he gives you that real hip hop the people love and need. Token gives you everything including an amazing work of art for a video that takes you back to the days of people being excited to watch music videos all day just waiting for their favorite to play.

Check out Token "Mom Would Agree" below and also follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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