TITUS - Free Lunch Vol.3

30 Apr

"You don't even own ya own life and that's a lease"

Two things that will always go to together is incredible lyricism and soul beats. The two go hand and hand in making a slam dunk of a Hip Hop smash. It's something about a rapper throwing on a beat and really going for his, that will always connect in a major way. That type of music is a rarity in these times but if you ever need that feel look no further than TITUS new song "Free Lunch Vol.3".

TITUS is gold on his new song "Free Lunch Vol.3". TITUS flow is as fluid as water, as it flows in waves over this production. His rap voice has soul that makes every line pop and it's evident in the way it connects with the listener in a major way.

TITUS "Free Lunch Vol.3" is that Hip Hip you need in your life. It's everything that made Hip Hop rise to greatness with his introspective lyrics that tells this story to perfection, his polished flow, and it's all over a great production that is the perfect canvas for his work of art.

Check out TITUS "Free Lunch Vol.3" below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!



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