Tia P. - 4 Seats from Beyonce

12 Oct

"Never been broke as far as the mind go"

I try to always bring the best content everyday of the week but Mondays and Fridays are really the days I try to put my best foot forward on this endeavor. So far I fell I have succeded but I feel even more confident in that today with the track "4 Seats from Beyonce" from female emcee Tia P.

Tia P. is electrifying in her approach on the track "4 Seats from Beyonce" that she lights into as soon as the opening sample cuts out. Tia's pin point precision with the flow and razor sharp lyrics make for an excellent display of rapping that takes me back to the first time I heard Missy Elliot rap on the track "You Don't Wanna F**k With Me".

Tia P. is relentless in her approach on his high powered production as she uses her lyrics to let her ambition be known and to entertain. Tia P.'s "4 Seats from Beyonce" is a great piece of work from a great artist that the world can enjoy.

Check out Tia P.'s "4 Seats from Beyonce below and also follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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