The Rhetorician - #NTMNW

17 May

"Can't believe living your truth has all the answers"

It's no secret here on Global Money World, we give our best effort at giving you the best music we can find. A song that embodies the excellence we try to display with the music we post is from The Rhetorician with his new promo video "NTMNW".

The Rhetorician has a style that feels nostalgic yet fresh on "NTMNW" with a sound that truly embodies the legendary collective Native Tongues Meeting The New Wave. His rhymes are marvelous and he shines all over this production, that he adds all the personality of stars with his unique style that is on full bloom for the world to enjoy in his new video.

The Rhetorician's "#NTMNW" is a hip hop masterpiece with him embodying everything it is to be Hip Hop. He's original, creative, rhymes are on point, the flow is infectious, and it's all delivered to perfection for a track that is pure gold for music fans all over.

Check out The Rhetorician "#NTMNW" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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