The Outcastkid - I Gotta Eat

01 Jan

"Not talking snacks, I'm trying to f**king feast now!"

The new year is upon us! It's exciting times in the culture with every artist, producer, and creative ready to embark on the new year, and make their mark in this game. With the first post of the year we wanted to make a statement and let people know what they can expect from the Global Media Blog in 2019. The Outcastkid is helping us make this statement loud and clear with his new song "I Gotta Eat".

The Outcastkid wastes no time starting the new year right with the lyrical onslaught on audio "I Gotta Eat". The message is clear that Outcastkid is ready to get his, as he wastes no time showing his skills over this hard production that is the perfect score for his cinematic rhymes of his grind.

The Outcastkid's "I Gotta Eat" is the perfect record to start your year off with and beyond. The rhymes are brilliant, the flow is focused and vicious, and all delivered masterfully over the perfect production to make this track a smash.

Check out The Outcastkid's "I Gotta Eat" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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