The Hashassins featuring Weapon E.S.P. - Wondering

02 Dec

"I'm wondering, when cats are gonna finally realize that we ain't here to play"

The age old question in hip hop has become "Does anybody make real shit anymore?". Is it still some real emcees out here really giving quality verses and craftsmanship on the mic. Real hip hop lives on and if you need proof look no further than Westfield's own The Hashassins on their new song "Wondering" featuring Weapon E.S.P. as they come together and make gold on the Shepard produced beat.

The Hashassins consists of the duo William Wallace and Sincere. The pair come together perfectly on this production that's reminiscent of music you would hear on A Tribe Called Quest's "The Love Movement" album.

William Wallace is first to bat on "Wondering" and sets the tone perfectly on this track, with a masterful flow that rides the beat perfectly, and a rap voice that is reminiscent of the legendary Prodigy from Mobb Deep. William's lyrics are on point and give you quote worthy bars in every line like ""When I'm gone blow, my senses telling me soon".

Sincere picks up right where William Wallace leaves off and shows the amazing chemistry this duo has. Sincere's flow is as fluid as water, as he lets his words hit like a wave to a shore. Sincere gives a brilliant performance effortlessly making light work of this production. 

The Hashassins enlists Weapon E.S.P for the features who truly adds his own value to the already stellar track with a superb performance. Weapon E.S.P goes full super saiyan to bring this track home flowing vigorously and packing punch in every line.

Check out The Hashassins featuring Weapon E.S.P "Wondering produced by Shepard below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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