The Blancos - All on Me Now

13 Oct

"All my life I've been trying to find a way out"

Back when I first decided to get into music I did a lot of studying and a long my way I came across the book "Songwriting for Dummies". It was very insightful read and one of the parts that stuck out to me is when the author explained when you want to highlight your lyrics and vocals make the best acoustic production possible and make sure nothing takes away for the focus of the material. The Blanco's follow this to perfection on their new track "All On Me Now.".

The Blanco's "All On Me Now" is a powerful ballad that pulls you in emotionally with every note as the vulnerability in each note plays the strings of your heart a beautiful tune. The lyrics are touching as they're more relatable than ever as they tell the tale of the average person struggling to find their way after everything seeming so simple and now trying to find their way in this crazy thing we call life over this cinematic production.

The Blanco's "All On Me Now" is sure to be a record you'll hear everywhere on various platforms from radio, television, and film as the lyrical content crosses many barriers.

Check out The Blanco's "All On Me Now" below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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