The Abnorm - Follow The Signs

19 Oct

"People change like seasons, I'm prepared for ya fall"

Hip hop has always been about being original and creative. Having your own style has always gotten artists a lot further than following trends ever have. In hip hop we are always looking for the new fresh thing and The Abnorm new song "Follow The Signs" is that thing.

The Abnorm lives out his name on "Follow The Signs" as he has a hard rap voice that is complimented with a hard mellow flow. The Abnorm is a master of his style as he delivers hard lines like "She wish a n**ga would peck her, I'm just hitting this tree."

The Abnorm gives you a creative piece of work on "Follow The Signs" that is complimented with an amazing video, as he shines bright on this hard production. The Abnorm connects everything well on here including a brilliant chorus that is as thought provoking as his verses.

Check out the The Abnorm "Follow The Signs" below and also follow him on Twitter! Stay Global my Friends! 

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