Taylor Pearson feat JHAMBEATZ - Hollywood Devil

29 Oct

"Young Taylor on a new wave"

Monday's and Fridays are always my favorite days to post music. Monday's because it's an opportunity to give you the good music you need for the week and Fridays because it's the new music you need for the weekend. If something is posted on one of these days it is that for sure fire that could burn down a village and that new fire is from rapper/producer Taylor Pearson on his new track "Hollywood Devil" feat JHAMBEATZ.

Taylor Pearson's rapping on "Hollywood Devil" is gold standard over this production that was tailor made for him to snap all over. Taylor's flow is magnificent as it takes the listener on a thrilling ride with him giving you nothing but flair with the pen with lines like "You know I'm tricky with my wordplay, 623 that's the bird place".

Taylor Pearson enlists JHAMBEATZ for the feature and he steps right in perfectly and rides the beat without missing a step giving you great work on the mic from flow to lyrics that make this song a hit.

Check out Taylor Pearson's new song featuring JHAMBEATZ "Hollywood Devil" below and also follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!




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