Tay Rob - That's How We Do

16 Feb

"Actions speak louder than words and ya actions never been loud to me"

In the words of the great Aubrey Graham "One thing bout music, when it hits you feel no pain". That's the perfect quote to describe the new song from Tay Rob, that feels good to the soul called "That's How We Do". Tay Rob was previously on Global Money World with his song "Square One" that gave us our first taste of his lyrically soul sound, and he's back to give the people more of what they've come to love and expect.

Tay Rob brings a certain level of sophistication that makes for great music with his new song "That's How We Do". The production is reminiscent of work from Curren$y's "The Drive In Theater" project. With the tone set just right Tay rides the beat with ease, floating all over this track giving all game with his relatable lyrics, you can vibe out to and just enjoy.

Tay Rob's "That's How We Do" shows great range from his previous release showing just how much flavor he can pack into a track. The flow is infectious and the lyrics are as smooth as wine, that come together to make a style that is fluid and overflowing with sauce to make this masterpiece.

Check out Tay Rob "That's How We Do" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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