T-Pain featuring Tory Lanez - Getcha Roll On

24 Jan

"You got me and I got you, What can go wrong"

One of the big questions in life is "What do you do once you reach success?". How do you keep going when you reach unimaginable heights in your career that one could only dream of. One of the true Vanguards of our time T-Pain answers this question brilliantly on his new song "Getcha Roll On" featuring Tory Lanez

T-Pain has a made a name for himself being a true visionary and innovator of our time. His continual musical growth is why's still relevant today and "Getcha Roll On" is another hit he can add to his catalog. T-Pain provides the feel good vibes he's known for all over this production, that his melodies and harmonies ride to perfection to create audio bliss. The lyrics are catchy and on point as T-Pain uses his pen as the right brush to paint this incredible picture.

Tory Lanez is enlisted for the feature for "Getcha Roll On" as he steps up and delivers. Tory brings that new school swagger that the audience will love as his lyrics are filled with plenty of machismo and bravado that drips all over this track from beginning to end.

T-Pain featuring Tory Lanez "Getcha Roll On" is a must hear track packed with excitement for music loves to enjoy all over the world.

Check out T-Pain featuring Tory Lanez "Getcha Roll On" below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!




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