T!M NED - The Sun

01 Dec

"Even when the sun shines, I still feel cold like a winter breeze"

The thing that makes you connect with music is soul. That thing in a song where it touches the heart and you become with the music you're hearing. The emotion that a tune can invoke makes music so powerful when done right. T!M NED understands this and works it to perfection with his song "The Sun" off his "Late Night's in London" project.

T!M NED tells a love story about a love that has turn cold on "The Sun" that gives you chills. T!M's vocal performance is so soulful and amazing in it's execution, enough that gives real rhythm and blues. The mix of the soulful production that fuses perfectly with the hip hop infused production, makes for a incredible listening experience with a vulnerable tune with that knock to it.

T!M NED's "The Sun" is everything real music is. T!M has nothing but integrity in his pen and musicianship, as he uses the beat as the perfect canvas to bring his great lyrics into life for a beautiful picture.

Check out T!M NED's "The Sun below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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