Swizz Beatz - Poison (Album Review)

02 Nov

"This is your awakening, it's time to show you the side effects"

When I was fresh in hip hop my older cousin introduced to me what is called the "Hip Hop Holy". A concept of hearing hip hop so true to the core that a spirit comes over you and makes you jump for joy and may even bring you to tears due to the greatness of the music. Super legendary Producer/Artist Swizz Beatz makes you do just that with his best album effort to date  "POISON". It's 10 songs of straight fire that sounds like the soundtrack to a summer jam with plenty of hard beats and raw lyrics that pays homage to every phase of hip hop.

Swizz Beatz "POISON" is exciting and cinematic as soon as the "Poison Intro" starts featuring Aine Zion giving a chilling intro that sets the tone before the horns come in to let you know you're about to witness something great.

Pistol on My Side featuring Lil Wayne: This is the first track with rap on it that sets the tone brilliantly. The drums are hard and the keys set an eerie tone that's reminiscent of Unsolved Mysteries as Wayne gives us the same energy from C5 with one of his best performances you've hard in a while that will have the world moving on this track that sounds like the action sequel to "Uproar".

Come Again featuring Giggs: Swizz keeps the music coming on this track featuring Giggs. The sound is so New York that you just picture BMW's and Benz's lined up on a strip. New York and London connect as Giggs comes in and gives a memorable performance for a track you can easily hear on film.

Something Dirty/ Pic Got Us featuring Kendrick Lamar, Lox:  "Double R you don't know shit bout us". My absolute favorite track that will have you losing your mind. Swizz, The Lox and Kendrick come together to make the most hip hop song you will hear this year from the horn sample and hard 808's that will have you losing your mind. The lyrics are so raw and gutter it will leave you speechless with your face scrunched up.

Preach featuring Jim Jones: Jim Jones is the perfect feature for this track with Jim giving us some of the best rapping of his career since his "Wasted Talent" album dropped. Jim lyrics are all game over this dark B-Boy beat that sounds like a hard flip of Nas "One Love".

Echo featuring Nas: Swizz comes out the gate on this track rapping over this bass line that takes me back to hearing Q tip on the track "Excursions". Nas takes over and fits perfectly over this soulful beat giving you high quality hip hop with an outstanding performance that's as good as he's been since his "Life Is Good" album.

Cold Blooded featuring Pusha T: "The hate me now tigers next to Nas and Diddy". Pusha T is my favorite rapper and with the tone of the album already set with hip hop excellence it's only fitting he is on this album. The production sounds like a movie scene of dark magic while Pusha gives a chilling tale of how the drug culture in the 90's has made this world messed up today that makes for a great track.

25 Soldiers featuring Young Thug: "25 soldiers with 25 holsters!" Swizz Beatz brings Young Thug to hip hop purists to enjoy his genius. This is the most traditional hip hop Thug has ever sounded and really shows his range over this track that is one of the standout performances on the album. Young Thug can really rap and this track shows it.

Stunt featuring 2 Chainz: A constant trend on this album is Swizz showing his producing trend. Every beat you can hear the feature on perfectly. As much as the production is so Swizz it's so the featuring artist and this is so true on this track with 2 Chainz. As soon the beat drops you know 2 Chainz sounds perfect on this and he delivers with that signature swagger we all know and love him for.

SWIZZMONTANA featuring French Montana: The finale is the track that made me most excited for the album. As soon as I seen Swizz and French at Hot 97 with their Dapper Dan Jackets on playing this song I knew I wanted to hear the album. This track is everything this album gives you in one track from Amazing production, hard lyrics,  and just being so New York.

If you love Hip Hop to your core this is the album you need in your life. Swizz Beatz is better than ever and shows us why he is legendary and is cemented in the culture forever.

Check out Swizz Beatz "POISON" below. Stay Global my Friends!



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