Stormi Clark - Welcome to Cloud Gang

22 Jan

"Welcome to the Cloud Gang"

We like to start off our week and yours as well, with the best Hip Hop out there. Mondays are usually the day for this, but unfortunately we weren't able to provide content great enough to be posted. With us being a day late, we knew we had to come correct and thanks to Stormi Clark with his new song "Welcome to Cloud Gang", I know we did just that.

Stormi Clark puts on a stellar display of emceeing on his new song "Welcome to Cloud Gang". Stormi's raw personality shines all over this record and is very present in the rhymes that are hard, exciting, and attention grabbing. All of the lines are delivered to perfection with a high powered flow that makes you feel every bar being spit.

Stormi Clark's "Welcome to Cloud Gang" is a must listen for every music lover out there. Stormi displays excellence from beginning to end. From the sharp lyrics that shows how incredible his pen is, the accelerating flow that brings excitement, and it's all over the perfection production that was tailor made for Stormi to snap on.

Check out Stormi Clark "Welcome to Cloud Gang" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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