Star Music - Sound the Same

13 Oct

"They'll never take me alive,never can keep me confined"

Hip Hop is a genre that should be diverse. At one point in time every region had its own sound and going to a different city you would hear a difference in the radio plat material. With that changing you hear the same songs all the time which means a lot of artist start making the same songs and all sound the same. Star Music takes this head on with his new track "Sound the Same".

Star Music takes the modern sound of hip hop today on the production and uses it as a platform to mix in his own flow and hard content. Star punches all through the track with his hard flow and harder lyrics that would keep any competition at bay with lines like "Never need a label, I was really at the table, I was really feeding myself".

Star Music's "Sound the Same" is the perfect blend of new age trap production with hard flow and lyrics that make for a rap masterpiece. Check out Star Music's "Sound the Same" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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