Sophiegrophy - Caution

28 Nov

"All my n**gas wanna tell me I'm a G!"

One of the hardest things to do is stand out as a rapper. An even tougher task is standing out as a female rapper. The male dominated genre doesn't always make room for female emcees, and they're forced to make their own space in the scene. Melbourne's own Sophiegrophy commands your attention with her infectious presence on her new video "Caution".

Sophiegrophy works her magic like a star on "Caution", as she shines bright with her glaring talent on the mic. Sophiegraphy gives you nothing but hard lines that she delivers masterfully with her hard flow, that has all the charisma it needs to carry this great record.

Sophiegrophy's "Caution" is excellence in every aspect. The production blast out the speakers just right. Sophiegrophy's flow commands your attention as soon as she speaks, the lyrics are exciting at every turn, and it all comes across perfectly in this amazing video.

Check out Sophiegrophy "Caution" below and follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!] 

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